Smart-Proxies on Windows 2012 no A record

No DNS A record.
Expected outcome:

Foreman and Proxy versions:
Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:
windows smart-proxies 1.22.0-RC2
Other relevant data:
In my infrastructure I have configured the smart-proxies on dc windos 2012.
In smart-proxies I have dhcp (: use_provider: dhcp_native_ms) and dns (: use_provider: dns_dnscmd).
When I create a new machine, if it makes the reservation ip and creates the reverse record in the dns.

Do you have the Foreman DNS proxy associated in the Foreman Domain?

I am running into the same problem since I updated to 1.21.3.
I was getting errors when deploying a VM that “dns record cannot be set”.
First of all, my dns-provider settings under /etc/foreman-proxy/settings.d/dns_nsupdate.yml were wiped so I had to reconfigure it. Then I restarted services and I did not get the error messages when deploying a VM so it seemed fixed at first. But then I checked my DNS and the records don’t appear. I set the DNS-proxy correctly for the domain and the reverse-proxy correctly for the subnet, yet both do not work.

What wiped the settings and how did you set those options? Manually or via the installer? Which OS and version?

Is there a mismatch between taxonomies (organizations or locations that don’t match)?

I can’t really tell what wiped the settings but it seems to be coming from the update routine.
I set these options manually after installation. My smart proxy is running on CentOS 7.6
No mismatches in locations and organizations.
When I use the nsupdate utility manually it correctly makes a new A record in my dns.

Yes I have the smart-proxy associated.
My smart-proxy is a windows 2012 dc.
Any idea?. How can i debug?