Smart Proxy capability


Can a smart-proxy act like a reverse proxy?

I am thinking about using foreman to connect to vcenters across my network. Foreman can not communicate to the Vcenter, but the smart-proxies can hit the vcenter. I have developed a simple foreman plugin that collects and maps vcenter facts for my needs. So, I am not afraid to write some “garbage” ruby code.

Or, can I setup apache on the proxy to broker the connection?

If I’m not mistaken, with Katello installed, the smart proxy is also an HTTP proxy. It is usually used in the opposite direction, Host accessing external resources through it. But I guess it may work also for connection initiated from Foreman.

The Smart proxy itself isn’t an HTTP proxy. Apache is set up as a reverse proxy to Foreman, but adding additional reverse proxy configs is not supported.

In the past we have talked about implementing connections to a compute resource as a Smart Proxy module (with various providers) but AFAIK nobody has ever written a proof of concept to this.