Smart Proxy error running in Fedora docker

I opened a ticket on Redmine to explain my problem: Bug #29568: Smart Proxy: NameError: uninitialized constant Rabl::ActionView - Foreman

I haven’t got any response in a week and I’m kinda under time pressure to find a solution to this. If anyone can give a some direction with this I would greatly appreciate it.


Hey, doing this ultimately defeats the purpose of containers. Can’t you run two containers?

Anyway, this is likely some version problem, try bundle update instead of install. But a clean environment is a better bet.

It might defeat the purpose of containers if the goal is maximum isolation between the components.

I’m trying to run everything inside container(s) mainly due to portability between host systems and it will likely run on Kubernetes in the end. I suppose I don’t really care if the individual Foreman components are isolated from each other or not.

foreman-installer is installing everything on one system too.

At this point I kinda gave up on a multi-container Foreman setup with Foreman itself, smart-proxy, puppet etc. I up-voted Refactor #18732: Make Foreman Containerizable - Foreman as this seems harder as it should be

I’m experimenting now with using foreman-installer to install everything in one container

I’d like to point out that foreman and foreman-proxy have seperate bundler environments there.

I’d strongly suggest not to do this. It entirely goes against how containers are supposed to be run. There is no benefit to it and can only cause problems.

That and it’s optional. The installer can install just Foreman or just Foreman Proxy.

If you want to containerize the Foreman Proxy, I’d urge you to read Foreman :: Manual