Smart Proxy is Ruby 2.5+ since Foreman 2.0

Since Foreman 2.0 the Smart Proxy (AKA Foreman Proxy) runs via the rh-ruby25 software collection on EL7 (see RFC: Moving Foreman Proxy, Installer and NodeJS to SCLs). Both Debian Buster and Ubuntu Bionic also ship Ruby 2.5. This means that as a developer you can drop all the compatibility code and start using newer features. Since 2.0 has branched already, this hasn’t happened in smart-proxy itself, but plugins are not tied to the release cycle and can do this today. For Smart Proxy we welcome PRs doing the same.


Tighter Rubocop (2.0) rules are welcomed. :slight_smile: A lot of 1.9 stuff in there.

The first part is here:

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