Smart proxy on OpenWrt or alternatives

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Has anyone successfully installed/configured smart proxies on an OpenWrt router for the management of DHCP and DNS? I’ve found the smart_proxy_dns_dnsmasq repo, and that does mention OpenWrt as a backend. However, what I haven’t found is anyone’s recipe for deploying this on an OpenWrt router. I’d like to know if this is a path that others have gone down before I try it. Any pointers?

Alternative ideas for how to accomplish Foreman or Puppet management of DNS and DHCP on an OpenWrt router would be appreciated.

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Hello, smart proxy is written in Ruby and it assumes UNIX or Windows. So go ahead and try, I haven’t attempted to install it on OpenWRT but as long as you have Ruby and bundler you should be able to install it. You are looking for something like:

git checkout ... -b 2.3-stable
bundle install
bundle exec bin/smart-proxy

Report back!

The smart proxy used to run just fine directly on OpenWrt up to 1.16, though the newer versions and their dependency on concurrent-ruby has made that a bit harder.
I’m personally running the smart proxy in an LXC container on my OpenWrt router (a Turris Omnia) to make that part easier for myself, though if you’re able to get concurrent-ruby - or the native Ruby compilation tools - installed then you should be able to run the smart proxy directly as well.

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