Smart Variables - are they still useful?

I vote for dropping them in favor of global parameters and smart class parameters.

I would, however, like to have the ability to set/override global parameters and smart class parameters within host collections.


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Smart variables were created back in the day that parameterized Puppet classes didn’t quite work yet, and were used as a workaround to get values into the classes until smart class parameters got to the point they are today.
Afterwards, they remained mostly for backwards-compatibility, while the recommended best practice for the past several years has been to use smart class parameters and parameterized classes.
The need to support both smart variables and smart class parameters which are fairly similar but have some differences has caused some complexity in the code base.

So, what I’m wondering is:
Do people actually still use smart variables at all?
If so, what do you use them for?
Would that same use-case be possible using smart class parameters, or possibly using global parameters? If not, what is missing for that to work?

I’d be happy for any feedback so we know how to best direct our efforts in this area, even just a “No use for them” - if that’s all we get, we may consider deprecating them.

Have a nice day,
Tomer Brisker
Red Hat Engineering

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