So how does foreman work out the errata status

Problem: host errata status saying “Could not calculate errata status, ensure host is registered and the katello-host-tools package is installed”. Katello-host-tools is NOT installed as I am preparing for when it is retired. I have remote execution (RE) enable. Can use RE to run jobs inlcuding pinging google and downloading packages from the repo. I have “Use remote execution by default” set to true.

**Expected outcome:**Green status saying something along the lines of “everything will be okay”

**Foreman and Proxy versions:**3.16 re=

**Distribution and version:**cent0s7

WHAT I REALLY want to know is what sets the errata field? Is it remote execute polling for status?
Someone suggested that yum on the client provided foreman with the information to populate it.
If I knew how it determined the status i could problem solve it.

katello-host-tools is not going to be retired it is only the katello-agent. The tools includes a package upload utility which is triggered in every package action, so Katello knows every installed package and it knows every available package. Based on the settings it compares those available in the corresponding content view or in the library.

So if using yum it should be the subscription-manager plugin which triggers katello-package-upload (if I remember correctly without booting my test environment).

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