Speed up your JS (and more) development environment using my own customized Atom (the editor) settings and plugins

Hi All,

I am using Atom together with sync-settings so I can sync my settings between different machines I am working on. (Fedora, Mac)
Every time I open my editor, it first sync with my latest settings which includes:

  • core settings
  • themes
  • packages and their settings

I often see developers struggling when they work with the latest js/babel/react features and I believe it can turn much easier when you set up the right tools to work for you.
Therefore I am looking for ways to make it easier for new contributors who want to explore the new JS world.

So if you don’t want to work hard set up your dev env and you are willing to work with Atom, you can clone my atom editor settings and enjoy the same environment I am working with:

  1. Install Atom: https://atom.io/

  2. Install the package sync-settings: https://atom.io/packages/sync-settings

  3. Use my gist: https://gist.github.com/sharvit/88fddc82d91cdd7cd33fdfdbe03dd161

    • If you want to make changes in your env, clone the gist
    • If you don’t want to make changes and you wish to receive updates when I update my env, you should be able to directly use my gist as your source but you won’t be able to make changes.
  4. ctrl + shift + p and type: sync settings restore

  5. Enjoy the plugin sets I am working with.

Let me know if you have any question or need help.


I forget to mention, If you have suggestion to help me improve my own env, please do :smile:

  • mistake, fork the gist

Is there someone with experience of switching from SublimeText to Atom?

I did it an year ago

editorconf is really useful. some projects provide a .editroconf file to define code styles for different languages. It is also cross-editor. https://atom.io/packages/editorconfig

Here are my synced settings[1]. It has a bunch of packages, but really only the ones I actually use. :slight_smile:
One of my favorite Atom packages is semanticolor it sorta turns syntax highlighting around[2].

[1] https://gist.github.com/bastilian/a96aaa6cbdeb70c3069b1ab365a91ad4
[2] https://atom.io/packages/semanticolor

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Nice, I was pretty sure editorconfig already comes with atom :confused: