Sporadic unavailability of theforeman.org domains

Hi everyone,

since last week, I am sporadically experiencing the Foreman sites (specifically the Forum and Redmine) to sometimes load not at all (with a timeout error on my end) or loading very slowly. This happened first for me 09th of August at about 11:35 CEST and again today from about 11:00 - 11:15 CEST. I double-checked with a mobile device to ensure this is not related to my corporate network and experienced the same problems there. In my experience, theforeman.org main site stays available during that timeframe but becomes very slow.
Since both instances were on a Wednesday at similar times, maybe there’s some scheduled task going mad causing this?
If I’m the only one experiencing this, maybe it’s still somewhere on my end, but I at least doubt that having the same situation on mobile.

forum and redmine are both hosted at Scaleway (but in different data centers :thinking:), so that could explain the correlation here.
the main site is hosted at OSUOSL and should be unaffected by that.

I’ve noticed forums being slow earlier today, but didn’t use redmine at the same time to confirm.

I can confirm this at least for last week, did not try it today in the timeframe, and was not sure about where the problem was as we had also network migrations during the last days, so did not report it.

Happened again today, from around 9:45-10:15 MEST.
Though this time, only the forum was down, redmine still worked.

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but now (08:38 UTC) redmine is not.

Scaleways status page is not showing any related error: https://status.scaleway.com/ :thinking:

Redmine was moved: Redmine moved and upgraded


Discourse was moved: Discourse moved and upgraded