Sprint information page

Hey @mcorr

we are doing a wiki cleanup with Leoš, found this page:


It contains quite old info, do you want to help deprecate this? Either to remove it completely or move it somewhere else.


Hey @lzap

Thank you!
I am still catching up with things after my PTO, but happy to help with this.

Does anyone know why we stopped updating this? It looks like we were consistent here up to a point.

Is there a newer page or has this practice just stopped?
Is this a worthwhile practice?

I think that it is relatively safe to remove this.

A lot of it dates back to when some of Red Hat’s development teams used upstream resources (Redmine) to plan and execute sprints. In scrum it’s normal to demo at the end of a sprint. This later evolved into community demos.

We now have a page for our demos on our website:

We could convert the old wiki page to similar pages.

On a related note, I don’t see a demos-2020.html. Also, I’d expect /demos and /demos/YYYY.html as URLs. The page /demos would be a listing of all years. Does that make sense?

I started this year, and used the year with a view to changing that to demos-2022.html next year and every year after. With a link to and archive of /demos/years.html pages the following year. I don’t have the time and resources to go back through previous demos.
If anyone wants to make a demos-2020.html page, they can.

Right, I missed that this was added because previously there was no such thing (I guess that wiki page was the closest).

Let’s delete it. @lstejska please go ahead and clean up the mess.


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Please don’t delete it. Instead, I’d prefer to create a /demos/historic.html on the website.

I’ll see if I can prepare a PR.

This should do that: