SSL encryption when using libvirt with Novnc-console


I already have a working foreman setup with KVM/Libvirt and the
NoVNC-console is working and states it is getting encrypted.

I can see using the given certificates.
Foreman connects to the KVM-Host via qemu+ssh.

What I am not sure about is which part of the traffic gets encrypted
when using the NoVNC console inside foreman.

Given scenario is:

workstation <–> foremanServer <–> libvirt-host

Will the traffic get encrypted between all the hosts involved or is
there a need to setup e.g. VNC+TLS on the libvirt-host ?

Could some please clarify ?

And if so, any hints on how this can be integrated into/configured in
foreman ?
I only could information regarding qemu+ssh but nothing really regarding
qemu+tls or even vnc+tls in the manual.

Thanks and cheers,


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