Stable version at repos


Although latest version at web is 1.16 in debian stable repos is still 1.15 and you have to force 1.16 repo in order to get this version.

Is this normal? Or is still 1.15 the stable version?

Policy has always been to change the symlink some time after the release - historically, this is because some people disliked the stable changing right away. However, we do keep forgetting to make that change (thanks for the heads up, by the way!), so maybe it’s time to revisit that policy…

@packaging team, can you update the symlink? Thanks!

Yum is already done via Puppet so should we do this in Puppet too?

I’d be fine with that, but I’ll defer to @mmoll :slight_smile:

Personally I’d rather love to get rid of that “stable” link and provide only numbered versions (and “nightly”, which is special).

The last time the topic came up the main problem was that puppet-foreman uses ‘stable’ by default.

How is this managed for YUM?

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Yeah… I definitely would not be a big fan of axing the “stable” link. I too use it for my salt formula. I don’t want to have to go update my codebase every time a new release comes out…

I don’t want to have to go update my codebase every time a new release comes out…

We’re having similar problems with our Puppet modules, but on the other hand when we’re crafting together the foreman-installer package for a new major version we need to take care of everything playing well together anyway. So I don’t see a real pain in not having that “stable” thing, which is mapped to a numeric version which almost always leads to the known consequences when it changes.

In other words: We and you will need to change things always anyway, when updating.