Start Foreman Service -

Thank you for your quick answer, really nice and well explained. It helps a
lot !

I succeed in doing what I wanted to do. Thanks again :slight_smile:
Have a nice day.

路路路 Le lundi 29 avril 2013 10:55:28 UTC+2, Charly Mathieu a 茅crit : > > Hello, > > I'm new to Foreman, and trying to install it properly with the Installer. > (Ubuntu Server 12.04, puppet 3.1.1, VM on VirtualBox) > So I followed the quick start guide and read a couple of manual pages, I > ran into it without big problems, but there is one (or two) that I can't > fix right now. > > Actually, I can't start the Foreman service, the following ERROR appears : > "Libvirt binding are missing - hypervisor management is disabled" > > And only this one, I search for some issues about it, but people usually > get this with a couple of other lines that don't fit with my problem. > (Updating Gems issues) > Anyway I can't reach the admin panel through my web browser, it works > fine, but I can't define the smart proxy because of this. > > > I've got an other problem, that is not a so big deal, but it could be fine > if someone has an answer. My VM got 2 network interfaces, one bridged in > order to reach the internet (eth0), and a host-only to reach it through the > host without passing through the main real network, and get a private > network beetween my differents VMs. > And I can reach Foreman through eth0, but I'd like to reach it from eth1, > and I don't have any idea how to. I don't have this problem with apache > which can be reached from eth1 without problem. Maybe because apache is > already listening to eth1 ? > > Thank you for reading. >