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> Hello,
> I'm new to Foreman, and trying to install it properly with the
> Installer. (Ubuntu Server 12.04, puppet 3.1.1, VM on VirtualBox)
> So I followed the quick start guide and read a couple of manual pages, I
> ran into it without big problems, but there is one (or two) that I can't
> fix right now.
> Actually, I can't start the Foreman service, the following ERROR appears :
> "Libvirt binding are missing - hypervisor management is disabled"

That's just a warning message, safe to ignore (unless you wanted to use

> And only this one, I search for some issues about it, but people usually
> get this with a couple of other lines that don't fit with my problem.
> (Updating Gems issues)
> Anyway I can't reach the admin panel through my web browser, it works
> fine, but I can't define the smart proxy because of this.

So after using the Foreman installer, you don't need to start the
"foreman" service as Foreman runs under Apache when using the installer
(by default). This allows us to run in a more scalable manner and use
HTTPS. The "foreman" service is unused in the installer setup and would
launch a separate service on port 3000.

You should find /etc/apache2/conf.d/foreman.conf is in place, which
configures virtualhosts for HTTP and HTTPS. I'd double check this file
if you can't reach Foreman, as a common issue is the IP addresses in the
VirtualHost and/or ServerNames aren't correct for your network. You may
want to change the IP to a wildcard, which could also solve your
multi-NIC issue.

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