State of debugging tools

Currently I’m trying to improve our CI pipelines to provide all debug logs and wanted to summarize so I don’t forget.

First of all, there’s foreman-debug which is delivered as a package both as RPMs and debs. This tries to collect all relevenant information and can upload to

Then we have sosreport which is a generic project with many plugins. There is a Foreman plugin but its story is more complex.

Prior to version 3.7 it called foreman-debug. However, it was marked as a RedHatPlugin which means it’s only executed on RH-based distros.

Since version 3.7 it integrated all foreman-debug functionality and reuses other plugins (apache, puppet) to avoid duplicating efforts.

Short story is that we can’t really rely on sosreport right now.

Sosreport changes has been merged and now we will use both for some period until new sosreport appears in the major distributions. Then we can deprecate foreman-debug but this is not happening anytime soon.