State of translations - 3.6

Foreman 3.6 RC1 is about to be released and the call for translations already went out on Transifex, but here’s a larger summary of where we are today.

The first thing to notice is that the old transifex-client no longer works since the API it relied on has been retired. This means we must migrate. Sadly transifex-cli is not in Fedora, but you can download the compiled Go binary as a replacement. The command is still called tx, but the configuration has changed. You can use tx migrate to convert it, but it should be noted that every repository needs to migrate .tx/config as well.

So this is a call to every plugin author to do just that. Please verify you can correctly pull the translations. For those who forgot, here’s a quick summary of how you do that:

  • In the plugin checkout you run make -C locale tx-pull
  • In Foreman you run rake plugin:gettext[MY_PLUGIN]
  • In the plugin you run make -C locale mo-files

It should be noted that it will list all Foreman tasks from all plugins, so it’s best to only have your single plugin enabled.

I do have a script which does it in bulk (theforeman-plumbing/bulk-locale-update at master · ekohl/theforeman-plumbing · GitHub) but I’ll note that it works in my environment. I’ve put little effort into making it generic. The approach it takes with git worktrees is something I intend to describe because I think it could be interesting for others too.

Now the overview of all translations in the project (including plugins, etc)

Language Language code Percentage
Bengali bn 2.74%
Bengali (India) bn_IN 3.68%
Catalan ca 28.19%
Chinese (China) zh_CN 96.25%
Chinese (Taiwan) zh_TW 45.96%
Czech (Czech Republic) cs_CZ 42.84%
Dutch (Netherlands) nl_NL 11.70%
English (United Kingdom) en_GB 9.62%
Estonian (Estonia) et_EE 0.00%
French fr 96.39%
Galician gl 10.92%
Georgian ka 90.77%
German de 85.96%
German (Germany) de_DE 5.17%
Greek el 14.40%
Gujarati gu 4.32%
Hebrew (Israel) he_IL 0.70%
Hindi hi 3.81%
Italian it 37.72%
Japanese ja 96.24%
Kannada kn 3.68%
Korean ko 55.12%
Malayalam (India) ml_IN 0.00%
Marathi mr 3.69%
Odia or 3.83%
Panjabi (Punjabi) pa 3.71%
Polish pl 22.47%
Polish (Poland) pl_PL 0.00%
Portuguese pt 0.10%
Portuguese (Brazil) pt_BR 80.22%
Romanian (Romania) ro_RO 0.11%
Russian ru 48.43%
Slovenian sl 2.43%
Spanish es 83.48%
Swedish (Sweden) sv_SE 13.99%
Tamil ta 2.74%
Tamil (India) ta_IN 3.65%
Telugu te 3.68%
Turkish tr 1.16%

And then just for Foreman:

Language Language code Percentage
Bengali bn 0.55%
Bengali (India) bn_IN 2.81%
Catalan ca 44.95%
Chinese zh 0.00%
Chinese (China) zh_CN 95.43%
Chinese (Taiwan) zh_TW 53.47%
Czech (Czech Republic) cs_CZ 49.26%
Dutch (Netherlands) nl_NL 26.47%
English (United Kingdom) en_GB 7.77%
English (United States) en_US 0.00%
Estonian (Estonia) et_EE 0.00%
French fr 95.43%
Galician gl 20.08%
Georgian ka 93.22%
German de 92.93%
German (Austria) de_AT 0.00%
German (Germany) de_DE 6.05%
Greek el 10.08%
Gujarati gu 3.56%
Hebrew (Israel) he_IL 1.53%
Hindi hi 2.99%
Indonesian id 0.00%
Italian it 50.17%
Japanese ja 95.43%
Kannada kn 2.81%
Korean ko 75.84%
Malayalam (India) ml_IN 0.00%
Marathi mr 2.83%
Odia or 3.01%
Panjabi (Punjabi) pa 2.86%
Polish pl 51.23%
Polish (Poland) pl_PL 0.00%
Portuguese pt 0.05%
Portuguese (Brazil) pt_BR 84.75%
Romanian ro 0.00%
Romanian (Romania) ro_RO 0.23%
Russian ru 65.37%
Slovenian sl 1.01%
Spanish es 96.88%
Swedish (Sweden) sv_SE 27.28%
Tamil ta 0.55%
Tamil (India) ta_IN 2.78%
Telugu te 2.81%
Turkish tr 3.01%

Note that not all languages are included. Typically we only include those which have at least 50% translated, though some used to be over 50% but have regressed and are still included.

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