State of translations


It has been a while since the last call for translations, and it seems this has had an affect on the amount of translations we currently have for the project. Since we have now branched for 1.19, we will soon be pulling in any new translations to the project for the 1.19.0 release. We pull in the translations right before releasing a new version, so that depending on the number of RCs we have, there is between 3-6 weeks to get new strings translated.

Here are the stats by language for all the languages we currently have translations for in the repos, out of 9.4k source strings (including strings from plugins):

Language Language code Percentage
Catalan ca 39%
German de 69%
Spanish es 90%
French fr 89%
Galician gl 13%
Italian it 52%
Japanese ja 90%
Korean ko 65%
Polish pl 30%
Portuguese (Brazil) pt_BR 90%
Russian ru 64%
Swedish sv_SE 18%
Chinese (China) zh_CN 89 %
Chinese (Taiwan) zh_TW 65%

If you happen to be a native speaker of any of the above languages, and wish to contribute to the translations, please take a look at Translating - Foreman for details regarding how to do so. The process is painless through an easy to use web application that displays the strings to translate and requests input.

If you think some language is missing from the list and should be added, or if we should stop pulling translations for some of the languages that perhaps have a low translation rate, please let us know below.

FWIW… I have been loading in translation from downstream when they are done. The last group I pulled in was during the 1.18 build process. It would be super helpful if all plugins ensured they were loading strings on a recurring basis and pulling translations during build.


Hi Bryan

I came across Bug #24385: Bad french translation for realms menu - Foreman and saw your name against recent changes here

On IRC, tbrisker suggested these changes might have come from ‘satellite’. I guess this is the ‘loading in translation from downstream’ process you mentioned?


PS. I’m totally new to localisation and transifex.


@afisher I try not to stomp on community translations, so if you fix it in transifex that value should “win” throuhg all the reloads.

Fixed on transifex. Does transifex work with branches? ie will the fix automatically make it into 1.18.1 and 1.19?

I dont believe they pull in new strings for branches, just for new releases.