Statistics Plugin shows empty page since 2.12


Found a small issue I’m not immediately sure how to deal with it, so thought maybe it’s the best to bring it up here:

This is how Statistics looks now since the upgrade to 2.12RC3 :slight_smile:

It seems to me like the browser also slows down quite a bit, could it be that it gets stuck somewhere in the webpack/react code?

Cheers, Lukas

Expected outcome:

Normal page output

Foreman and Proxy versions:

Foreman 3.10
Katello 4.12

Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:

Statistics 2.1.0
(and some more)

Distribution and version:

Rocky Linux 8.9

Other relevant data:

Output in the log

<ip> - - [14/Mar/2024:18:11:11 +0100] "GET /foreman_statistics/statistics HTTP/2.0" 302 103 "-" "Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux x86_64; rv:109.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/115.0"

==> /var/log/foreman/production.log <==
2024-03-14T18:11:11 [I|app|81c70123] Started GET "/foreman_statistics/statistics" for at 2024-03-14 18:11:11 +0100
2024-03-14T18:11:11 [I|app|81c70123] Processing by ForemanStatistics::ReactController#index as */*
2024-03-14T18:11:11 [I|app|81c70123] Redirected to https://foreman.<domain>/users/login
2024-03-14T18:11:11 [I|app|81c70123] Filter chain halted as :require_login rendered or redirected
2024-03-14T18:11:11 [I|app|81c70123] Completed 302 Found in 6ms (ActiveRecord: 3.4ms | Allocations: 1043)

Just noticed, that the tasks overview page has the same issue, also blank.
And the individual job page is missing the information about the hosts and the circle is gone:

and many more (Subscription, Red Hat Repositories, Products, …)