Strange beahvior with host search


I’m trying to do a simple search in foreman and I get a so stange behavior that I must be doing something wrong.

I search for “facts.interfaces ~ vio”, I get results including machine firewall.lab
I search for “facts.bios_vendor = QEMU”, I also get machine firewall.lab

But if I search “facts.bios_vendor = QEMU and facts.interfaces ~ vio”, I get no results.

I have missed something obvious ? Or is that a bug ?

Using formean version 1.16.1.

Best regards

This should be fixed by Bug #25897: Using search query for listing content hosts produces unexpected output - Foreman that is fixed in 1.23.0.

Thanks for the feedback, I’ll try to upgrade but that won’t be trivial as this is a production environment.

Certainly. We recommend to do upgrades regularly so that you don’t get so far behind. 1.16 was released November 2017, which means it’s two years old and about a year an half out of support - there are multiple known bugs and security vulnerabilities in it that have been fixed in newer releases.