Subnet not found

> Hello all,
> I am looking for some help with getting Foreman's DHCP linkage
> functioning. I've got a fresh Ubuntu precise box with foreman installed
> using the release candidate. I used the deb package method with 'precise
> rc', and then ran through the foreman install in quick and simple 'yes'
> mode.
> I have the foreman-proxy set up for dhcp and ISC DHCP installed and
> running. I have a basic subnet declaration to allow dhcpd to actually
> start. Its my understanding that foreman will use omshell/omapi to
> interact with DHCPd to add Subnets that are defined within foreman to
> DHCP. Whenever making any changes modifications to a host's subnet
> setting, I'm getting log entries with failures. I've got a dhcp helper
> set up on different subnet pointing through to this box. I see the DHCP
> request hit the box but there is no scope for it to issue PXE boot.

Not quite, Foreman will only use omapi to add reservations for
individual hosts - it requires that the subnet is already defined in
your dhcpd.conf for this to work.

> Log File (production.log):
> Failed to fetch a free IP from our proxy: 404 Resource Not Found: Subnet
> not found
> foreman-proxy.log
> D, [2013-06-11T23:56:04.025315 #2368] DEBUG – : Reading config file
> /etc/dhcp/dhcpd.conf
> D, [2013-06-11T23:56:04.025649 #2368] DEBUG – : Loading subnets for
> D, [2013-06-11T23:56:04.025903 #2368] DEBUG – : Added
> to
> E, [2013-06-11T23:56:04.026293 #2368] ERROR – : Subnet not
> found

I think you need to add to your dhcpd.conf if you want to
serve this network, Foreman won't do it.

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