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Hi Folks,

Apologies if this is already possible and I’ve missed how it’s done; but can someone point me to how you can subscribe to notifications for the release section?

I want to be alerted whenever there is a new foreman release pushed so I can keep up to date. From my initial look I can’t seem to find anywhere to do so.

If this is not possible; it’s something I would ask that is added - in an enterprise setting I run too many individual platforms to manually monitor releases of everything. A simple ‘There’s a new version out’ type mail should be possible if it’s not already.


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You can subscribe to the Release Announcements category by going to it’s page and selecting the type of tracking you’d like (I’d suggest Watching, or Watching First Post), like this:


Alternatively, you can also get an RSS feed via adding .rss to the category

Admittedly, you make a good point - while it’s mostly release info, we do announce some other stuff in that channel, so I think a “release” tag might make sense - @Ondrej_Prazak @tbrisker what do you think?


That’s exactly what I was looking for; thanks!


Notice on newer versions of Foreman, the notifications drawer on the top-right corner should update you with anything newly posted to the Foreman blog. At the very least, every month a newsletter comes out.

cc @tbrisker @Ondrej_Prazak maybe it’s about time to start writing small blog posts for every release so that people get to see that through the RSS feed notification?

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I think it is very important to have single click experience on our landing page for news in your inbox. I believe this is critical online marketing workflow we need in order to gain more attraction. Numbers show that our users stay on older versions for longer time, while I think this is because upgrades are non-trivial, maybe we will be able to improve this.

I think we should consider using one of these “spam online services” where you can create newsletter and distribute it. Of course we should only use that for core announcements and it must be one-click unsubscribe just like many regulations (in EU) requires. I see this as the easiest method, because of GDPR.

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Another idea to create one-click experience to create new Discourse user (just give username and email). The user would have login disabled (password not set) and automatically subscribed to announcements. But IANAL… regulations.

I appreciate what you’re saying, but to me it feels like more fragmentation. We already publish various things in various ways at up to (I think) 6 different places, adding a 7th doesn’t feel great (especially as the person who’d have to do it :stuck_out_tongue:)

Now, perhaps that’s actually an argument for rethinking our distribution channels in general, and maybe also a bit of a redesign of the front page (latest blog entries / Twitter feed perhaps on there perhaps?). But it’s something I need to think through rather do as a snap-reaction.

Just so my idea before doesn’t get lost, we already have this notification system where we could just make blog posts to inform people about new releases - every Foreman user who is not disabling RSS notifications will get them.

Indeed, and I’m all for that - it’s both in an existing channel, and promotes more traffic to the blog (although we’ll get duplication in the Release Announcements and the Blog categories, hmm…).

If @tbrisker or @Ondrej_Prazak need a hand with that, let me know. We should also use that for security bulletins and maybe even plugin releases.

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+1 for release and security related posts to the notification drawer. I think that would definitely be helpful.