Subscription manager, katello agents, Remote Execution

Might not be a problem but require some advice. Currently I am using subscription manager to monitor my servers updates. I know the Katello agent is on its way out so that is not part of my plan anymore. But will remote execution also report what updates are outstanding? or is is only if I use subscription manager?

Expected outcome:
As a first phase of my project I only want servers to report what packages are outstanding, currently with subscription manager its a bit overkill as I am using it as a repo as well.

Foreman and Proxy versions:

Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:
Foreman-tasks = 5.2.0
foreman_remote_execution = 5.0.1
katello = 4.3.0.rc4

Distribution and version:
Rocky 8.5

Other relevant data:

I believe the functionality is built into subscription-manager. Every time you install/update/remove packages, information is sent to Katello. Then outstanding updates get calculated based on that and the repositories.

So katello-agent and remote execution are not needed for that to work. However, if you want to install/update/remove packages on the host from Katello server, then that is done either via katello-agent or now remote execution.