Subscription-manager registration not performed on CentOS deployment

Katello was installed last night on a centos7 server 3.15 using the instructions in the documentation.

I provisioned (built?) a client (foreman_bootdisk). However I expected some level of integration to the foreman server. While the server notes it was installed there is no runtime info. Also I was expecting a subscription to be associated with the forman server (although I can now see I never made any reference to subscription in the provisioning build).

It’s a test system and I only associated “centos7 base” repo with the content.

Do I have to create a script that runs the client software and registers the system with subscription-manager , or am I missing something that can (should) do it in the initial build.

I have not touched “host groups”, could that be it?


A vanilla install with one exception I am using foreman_bootdisk plugin.

Okay. I read Foreman :: Plugin Manuals
"In order to install the katello-agent package on a host you are provisioning, you will need to make the appropriate client repository available within your Katello. "

I installed three centos repos (base, extras and updates) added them to the product and content view, and re-published (content view now version 2). ALSO added a local repo of
(can someone check this?)
Thing is everything installs but there is still no kattelo client sw.

I notice that after the install there appears to be a log of the process in the client view under “templates”-> Review. However after looking at them there is no indication anything like the server repos were installed or called upon.

Is there anywhere I should be looking to see errors? After the install I dont get anything relating to my server under /etc/yum.repos.d

Im think of taking up smoking again.

I installed the software manually. and ran yum repolist
repo id repo name status
!Default_Organization_CentOS_7_Linux_for_x86_64_CentOS_7_Base_RPMS CentOS 7 Base RPMS 10,070
!Default_Organization_CentOS_7_Linux_for_x86_64_CentOS_7_Extras_RPMS CentOS 7 Extras RPMS 412
!Default_Organization_CentOS_7_Linux_for_x86_64_CentOS_7_Updates_RPMS CentOS 7 Updates RPMS 890
!Default_Organization_CentOS_7_Linux_for_x86_64_EPEL_RPMS EPEL RPMS 0
!Default_Organization_CentOS_7_Linux_for_x86_64_Foreman_RPMS Foreman RPMS 14
repolist: 11,386
I dont know why its saying “Default_Organis…” I did set it to be my institutions name.
However while katello server says the epel has > 13,000 repos the client shows 0. The rest of the repos match what is on the server. All repos are enabled and everything syncs okay. I republished the meta data. did yum clean all

I am thinking of quitting smoking.

rpm -q katello foreman

yum repolist on the client shows the collect repos.
subscription-manager list --available
Available Subscriptions
Subscription Name: CentOS 8 Linux for x86_64
this subscription was a prior “test” that I abandoned due to compatibility issues.
The name should be CentOS 7 Linux for x86_64

Is this to be expected in the /etc/var/rhsm/rhsm.log

20-07-13 00:54:20,347 [WARNING] yum:2882:Dummy-1 - logging already initialized
2020-07-13 00:54:20,350 [INFO] yum:2882:Dummy-1 - Connection built: port=443 handler=/rhsm auth=identity_cert ca_dir=/etc/rhsm/ca/ insecure=False
2020-07-13 00:54:20,684 [INFO] yum:2882:Dummy-1 - certs updated:
Total updates: 0
Found (local) serial# [1890701278976544040L]
Expected (UEP) serial# [1890701278976544040]
Added (new)

Deleted (rogue):


registration is part of kickstart template, it only gets inserted if you are installing from synced content, not from installation media URL. Investigate the templates carefully to see when the snippet gets rendered. Let me change the title to represent the problem to attract some Katello devs.

All fixed now, thanks to some nice centos people.
I’m pretty happy with the product (foreman).
There is just one thing…
(at that will be the subject of a new post)

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