Suggestion on running ansible role at the end of provisioning of a new system

Problem: At the end of provisioning new system I run ansible playbook that is standard for our organization. We call it ‘base’. I wonder if there is an easy way to call it from provisioning templates to make it part of provisioning process. I can see in documentation some integration with AWS, but this is pure Foreman environment. Kickstart default finish has a call to tower provisioning which is very close to probably what I need. Is there a way to use this code to initiate an execution of ansible playbook on Foreman?

Foreman and Proxy versions:
Foreman 3.5.3
Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:

Distribution and version:
Rocky 8

If you setup your ansible roles under /etc/ansible/roles, then in Foreman go to Configure → Ansible → Roles, then click the Import button, your roles will be imported for use.

Then you can assign whichever role you want to a host or hostgroup.

Once the new system completes its build and notifies Foreman of completion, the assigned Ansible roles will be automatically run.

There’s some setup required under Administer → Settings → Ansible (and probably Remote Execution).

This is great. I actually had everything set, only needed to add role to the host.
After the build I see that my job is scheduled to run in 5 minutes. I wonder how and where is that time delay defined.

I believe it is the Post-provision timeout under Administer → Settings → Ansible.
Default is 360 seconds (6 minutes). I haven’t messed with it. It seemed a good amount of time to ensure the new server was up after reboot.

Yes, I found this setting. Thanks!