Suggestion: Syncronize Foreman and Katello versions

I can’t be the only one that thinks this is totally totally confusing and crazy trying to figure out which versions of Katello, Pulp, and Foreman all go together.

There is really no reason at this point to have separate versions for all of these components.

There isn’t even a chart anywhere that I can find which shows which versions go together, it is all a process of hunting through discussions, release planning notes etc.

Thanks for the feedback @viwon. Would a table of versions located on the main Katello docs help alleviate this?

Given Katello is a plugin, and can make changes that affect only it’s functionality, being able to rev major version like all other plugins is beneficial. For example, Foreman just bumped to 2.0 but Katello did not incur any breaking changes. However, when Katello drops Pulp 2, it is worth while for Katello to bump it’s major version but potentially not core Foreman.

I agree. Just yesterday we had a similar conversation about hammer on Foreman construction day. It seems we’ll release hammer 2.0 and will start synchronizing it with Foreman number. Katello is a big plugin which has pretty clear release schedule, so it sounds logical to me. Other plugins still maybe have the need for more freedom, but perhaps some well established (discovery, rex, tasks) could adopt the same. Also now, with new vendor system, plugins needs to be updated and bump the minimal Foreman version at least once per Foreman release, which is a reason for major version bump anyway. The problem is, discovery e.g. is already version 16.