Sunsetting foreman_cockpit

With cockpit integration into remote execution on the horizon and the old cockpit plugin lacking a release to make it compatible again, I think it is time for sunsetting the plugin officially, so everyone is aware of. I have seen too many people asking for the compatibility release or wondering that the plugin does not work. I can not do the sunsetting / releasing but depending on your opinion I will try to move this topic forward.

  • Sunset foreman_cockpit when integration in REX is ready
  • Sunset foreman_cockpit now

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  • Release foreman_cockpit 2.0.1before sunsetting
  • No more release

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If you see other options, please comment.

Any more opinions? Only 4 including myself and even split does not help me with the decision how to progress. :wink:

I would be happy if someone does another release just to allow users to upgrade and cleanly remove it, but looks like it’s been a couple of years since 2.0.3 came out and it might be too much effort to get it working with current foreman.
So, as I don’t see anyone stepping up to make it compatible, I suggest setting the right expectations and marking it as unsupported. Luckily, it has no db migrations so removal should be quite straightforward.

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I created the following pull requests.

Plugin itself:

Documentation on the homepage:



Is another removal required I did not think about?
Should the packages be removed? If yes, how to do this?

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Thanks @Dirk. I’ve merged all but the website one since I prefer to redirect users in a way that tells them there once was a plugin, but it’s now legacy.

This should take care of dropping the packaging:


I have the one for the website still on my backlog, but I am quite busy at the moment. Do you know if someone is working on documentation of the new rex integration of cockpit? So it would make sense to not only have a banner but also to point to the new alternative.

For obsoleting the package perhaps tfm-rubygem-foreman_remote_execution-cockpit should obsolete it, so the user gets automatically the new solution?

That doesn’t really work since you need additional config to make it work. Since there’s no automatic removal in most plugins, I’m wondering if tfm should instead Conflict on older plugins rather than upgrading + breaking.