Support for version 1.24


we currently start a new project with Foreman. Right now, Foreman 1.24 and 2 are available and we want to decide which version to choose.
We want to go with version 1.24 as we think some plugins or scripts written in other projects might not work with 2.0.


  • How long will version 1.24 still be supported?
  • Do you see any major differences between v1.24 to v2 which might influence existing plugins, (hammer)-scripts, documentation and co?

Thank you & best regards.

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We normally support only the last two releases of Foreman - meaning that 1.24 will no longer be supported once 2.1 is released, which will likely be in around a month from now.
You can go over the upgrade warnings and deprecations in the relevant manual to see if any of them affects your workflows - Foreman :: Manual.
In general, upgrades are usually fairly painless and should be done frequently to ensure you are enjoying a stable, secure environment.

If you require longer-term support, there are enterprise level products based on Foreman - Red Hat Satellite and ATIX Orcharino.

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Hiring consultants is also an option, that would be NETWAYS for example. You can find some links on our site too. Or always ask on this discourse forum.

Hiring consultants is also an option, that would be NETWAYS for example.

We already contacted NETWAYS, but support isn’t available for the next couple of months or even until end of the year.
Can you provide any alternatives?

I don’t know anybody else myself, but feel free to create new post with some descriptive subject like “Consultant needed (Germany): xyz” and post it to the Support section (we don’t have a dedicated category for that). We have a great community full of talented people.

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