SUSE SLES-12 Deployment

Hi All,

I’m new to using Foreman and i’m having trouble deploying SLES12 SP3.

I have managed to deploy a SLES-12 SP3 system using an autoyast file i created, the next thing i need to do is bring the newly deployed server under puppet management.

Does anyone have experience with SLES/Foreman and can provide some tips that would be great.


AutoYast has the possibility to execute custom user scripts after the installation process e.g by using the init-scripts XML tag. You can execute your initial Puppet-run by using this scripting functionality.

The AutoYast installation templates which are shipped with Foreman have also the functionality to execute an initial Puppet-run by implementing shell scripts … however I don’t know how well this works (i’m using my own templates …)

For completeness, here’s the templates @mzima mentions:

  • The point in AutoYast where the puppet setup script is called:
  • The snippet itself:

Hope it helps!

perhaps @TimoGoebel can help?