SUSE/SLES with Puppet agent install in AutoYAST

I realize this is probably a long shot. But is anyone in here doing SUSE/SLES deploys with AutoYAST/AutoYaST2 AND has it set up to install Puppet as part of the provisioning script?

Ive got the server all setup, I just cant seem to figure out how to get Puppet AOI 4.10.9 installed.



AutoYast has the ability add additional repositories (e.g. the Puppet AIO repo) during the inital OS installation and to execute custom user scripts (e.g. to configure the puppet agent).

You might want to have a look at the AutoYAST provisioning templates who are shipped with Foreman. However I don’t know how well they actually work (I use my own custom templates to install SLES12).

The point in Foreman AutoYast template where the puppet setup script is called:

This is the snipped for the configuration and installation of the puppet agent:

Hope that helps …