Switch between image and build provisioning method

Hi Everyone,

I’m using Foreman 3.7.0, and I’m trying to provision VMware based virtual machines without using image based provisioning.
I would like to use a standard “Preseed default” provisioning template. I can’t figure out how to force Foreman to include this template. Even when I’m assigning it for the Operating System, it is not included in the provisioned host profile.
I haven’t found an answer for that in the manual, or maybe I’m missing something.

We are provisioning virtual machines without image based provisioning on our “old” Foreman 3.1.3, but I’m not sure how it has been achieved there. Maybe there are some legacy settings I’m missing as it has been implemented long time ago and upgraded from 1.2.0

By “assigning it” what do you exactly mean? I am asking because this are multiple steps and perhaps you are missing one.

First you need to associate the Template to an Operating System, this is done on I think the second tab of a Template. Second you need to go back to the Operating System and on the Template tab you can set it as Default. Afterwards when you create a Host on the Operating System tab you select the Operating System and then can verify the associated Templates.

If you need different Templates, you can assign them not only as a default but also override it for Hostgroups and/or Environments.

Thank you for your answer.

By assigning it, I mean, when you go to host details, there was no “Provisioning template” on the list, even if all other places it is assigned. I mean in Operating System, Host Group.

To be honest, I have no idea how it has changed automagically, but it works finally.
I was using foreman 3.7.0 and just upgraded to 3.8.0, without any changes to Operating System, Host Group, “Provisioning Template” just appeared for the new host.

No idea how to explain this.

I was hoping to see this option:


But it doesn’t exist, and I have no idea how to “enable” it, even when following exact steps from the manual.
I’m using Foreman 3.8.0 on Debian 11.