Sync of ansible collections fails after update to 3.8/4.10

Problem: Sync of ansible collections fails with duplicate key value violates unique constraint "unique_is_highest"

Expected outcome: Sync works

Foreman and Proxy versions: 3.8.0

Foreman and Proxy plugin versions: Katello 4.10.0

Distribution and version: CentOS Stream 8

Other relevant data:
I already found API Updates Broken: Duplicate key value violates unique constraint "unique_is_highest" · Issue #3267 · ansible/galaxy · GitHub which sounded so similar that I created the package and did an update, but it unfortunately does not fix the issue.

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I just hit the same problem too in katello 4.11.1, has it been addressed anyhow ?

Thank you

I have not seen it addressed and as I was just testing on my demo environment and not requiring it to work in production I forgot to create an issue.

Thanks for linking to the issue there. We use pul-ansile 0.18.z for katello 4.10. I didn’t see a backport for that in the fix in pulp.

For 4.11 and 12, we use pulp_ansible 0.20.z where we are at 0.20.2 with katello. Do you see 0.20.2 as installed version for python3.11-pulp-ansible on your 4.11 box?


I can see python3.11-pulp-ansible-0.20.2-3.el8.noarch.

That version should contain the pulp fix backport: [PR #1624/55f02c62 backport][0.20] Fix update_highest_version when versions were uploaded out-of-order by patchback[bot] · Pull Request #1625 · pulp/pulp_ansible · GitHub

Is there a specific collection > version that’s failing to sync?

I do not know how to pair this:

DETAIL: Key (collection_id, is_highest)=(3f88e1a8-6806-4a21-8d4f-924526a7c5a4, t) already exists.

with the collection name

Well, I found that collection raises this problem