Sync of Repository failes due to error of one package

Hello all,

can i force the synchronisation of a deb repository, even if there is a package that couldnt be loaded? I want to synchronise the ubuntu repository, but unfortunately one package is blocked by a security system and that caused a 403 error. I dont need this package, but it seems that all files are dropped if an error occures. The sync completes with warnings, but there are 0 deb files shown afterwards. Or is there a way to exlude dedicated packages?


There is currently no way to exclude anything during sync.

See the following discussion for more on this: "Exclusion" option for some packages during the repository synchronisation · Issue #3469 · pulp/pulp_rpm · GitHub

That issue is for pulp_rpm, but the situation is exactly the same for pulp_deb.

The only real workaround I can come up with is to add the affected package directly to Pulp via upload, before you sync. If it is already there, it won’t need to be downloaded. Of course that completely bypasses the security system blocking this package.

The other (bad) workaround is to sync the repo “on demand”. That way packages won’t be downloaded immediately allowing the sync to succeed. The problem with that is that if the repo you are syncing from removes a package that you did not yet download and now want to install, the installation will fail on your hosts.

Thanks for the information! Manually uploading the failed package works fine.