Synchronize repository problem

When syncing a CentOS 8 repository ( i am getting an error:

RuntimeError: An error occurred during the sync
{“expected_size”=>10527792, “error_code”=>“size_mismatch”, “name”=>“boost-devel”, “unit_key”=>{“epoch”=>“0”, “version”=>“1.66.0”, “name”=>“boost-devel”, “release”=>“7.el8”, “checksum”=>“4d53f12eecd9f07b6392c755a324132c62ec3f13541f3cfa7c5814574e52dba5”, “arch”=>“i686”, “checksumtype”=>“sha256”}, “actual_size”=>8830}

He syncs almost all packages but not all (10 packages)…the error is: error_code"=>“size_mismatch”.
Any idea what has to be changed?

Expected outcome:

Foreman and Proxy versions:


Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:

Distribution and version:

Other relevant data:

You may try running a ‘Complete sync’ (Content > Products > Repositories > your repo details > Select Action > Advanced Sync) and see if that helps.

also, are you using a proxy? I saw another post here with a similar error message.

Hi…i already did it and the same problem. The promblem is with CentOS and OracleLinux sync. RHEL and Ubuntu are syncing without any problem.
No proxy is in use.
The pulp error:

I have manually uploaded those missing packages and the sync is synchronized now with no new packages.