Syncing Oracle Virtualization Content?

Out of curiosity, has anyone been able to synchronize the Oracle Linux 8 KVM AppStream?

Whenever I try to do so I get the error: Cannot create repository version. More than one rpm.modulemd_defaults content with the duplicate values for module.

I’ve looked around and saw others solved this by selecting Complete Mirroring instead of Content-Only, but I have the same issue regardless of that option.

What version are you on? I remember this being a pulp_rpm bug that was since fixed.

I’m using Foreman 3.7.1 and Katello 4.9.2 at the moment. I’m figuring out my next upgrade (either to 3.8 or 3.9) but with the subscription changes in 3.9.x I’m working out how much that will change our registration and software assignment automations.

If you’re referring to SCA-related changes, the big change is in 3.10 (Katello 4.12) where entitlement mode is not available. Upgrading to 3.9 won’t change much about subscriptions.