Task bookmarks will not save in 1.24.2

Task bookmarks cannot be saved after upgrading to 1.24.2. They were savable in 1.23.1. Other bookmarks still work. The previous saved task bookmarks are also missing. We had the same problem in 1.21.3 but was resolved when updated to 1.22.x.

Expected outcome:
Able to save task bookmarks.

Foreman and Proxy versions:
Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:

Distribution and version:
Oracle Linux 7

Other relevant data:

I haven’t found any evidence in logs.

This sounds like Bug #29003: Unable to save bookmarks for task search queries in Satellite 6.7 beta. - foreman-tasks - Foreman that has just been resolved and will be included in the next tasks release.

Thanks, Tomer. Will that apply to 1.24.x or 2.0?

I’ll let @aruzicka who maintains the tasks plugin answer that - do you plan on backporting this fix to tasks version compatible with 1.24?

Yes, it will land in 0.17.6

Thank you, gentlemen.