Tasks "Remove subscriptions" stuck at running - 100% Complete

When removing a subscription from a content host, the created tasks finish their Job, but keep stuck in the running state at 100% completed.
The subscription gets completely removed as expected and there are no errors in the task’s logs, neither in Foreman nor in Dynflow Console. All steps report success in Dynflow Console.
Still the task keeps running doing seemingly nothing for all eternity.

Expected outcome:
Tasks are reported as finished successfully.

Foreman and Proxy versions:

Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:
Katello 3.12.3
Foreman-tasks 0.15.11

Distribution and version:
RHEL 7.8

Other relevant data:

Here is the raw tab content from one task, I just masked the content hosts DNS name.

Id: 0ed8fdfa-92ef-4f88-b9f7-03546e31aacc
Label: Actions::Katello::Host::RemoveSubscriptions
Duration: about 2 hours
Raw input:

{"host"=>{"id"=>4595, "name"=>"contenthost.example.com"},
 "services_checked"=>["candlepin", "candlepin_auth"],

Raw output:


External Id: e61d86a3-5742-46fc-abfd-369aecaf0022


I know, 1.22 is unsupported by now. If this issue has been resolved by an update, please let me know. I could not find anything in the changelog, but maybe I just did not search well enough ;)

Hi @areyus

Just to clarify, the task shows success / completed in Dynflow console, but shows a status of running with progress at 100% on the Monitor -> Tasks page in Foreman?

Hi @jeremylenz

no, the tasks shows a progress of 100% with state running both in Dynflow Console and the Monitpr -> Taks page in Foreman.
(I can’t remember if Dynflow actually has a percentage wise “completed” field, but all the steps were marked as finished. Still, the overall task status was “running”).