Team Participation at FOSDEM, Config Management Camp, and CentOS Conferences

Dear community,

In just two days, our team will be actively participating in three prominent conferences in Brussels: FOSDEM, Config Management Camp, and CentOS Connect.

These conferences provide excellent opportunities to engage with experts, learn about the latest developments in our field, and showcase our projects. We have several talks scheduled throughout the events, featuring prominent speakers from our team.

At FOSDEM, we’ll be sharing a booth with the Ansible team on Saturday. You can find us at Building K, Level 1, Group A. Additionally, at CentOS Connect on Friday, we have an introductory talk on Foreman by Shim Shtein.

For your convenience, here’s a comprehensive list of talks scheduled for Config Management Camp, detailing the associated project, date, and speaker:

Talk Project Date Speaker
Foreman community update Foreman 2024-02-05 Ewoud Kohl van Wijngaarden
CVE scanning of Foreman hosts Foreman 2024-02-05 Bernhard Suttner (ATIX)
Content Management Automation With Katello Foreman + Katello 2024-02-05 Ian Ballou
Patch reporting with Foreman Foreman 2024-02-05 Jan Bundesmann (ATIX)
Foreman Ansible Foreman 2024-02-05 Nofar Alfassi
Secure your Delivery Chain Pulp 2024-02-05 Matthias Dellweg
Ansible squeezed my Pulp Pulp 2024-02-06 Stefan Joosten (AT Computing)
Maintaining over 80 Ansible modules: 8 years later Foreman 2024-02-06 Evgeni Golov
Unlocking Katello’s Deeper Potential Foreman + Katello 2024-02-06 Ian Ballou
Resource Management with the Foreman Resource Quota Plugin Foreman 2024-02-06 Bastian Schmidt (ATIX)
Mastering Server Management with Foreman Foreman 2024-02-06 Leos Stejskal
Efficient Container Image Management with Pulp and Pull-Through Caching Pulp 2024-02-06 Lubos Mjachky
Generating Ansible modules for REST APIs without AI Ansible + Foreman + Pulp 2024-02-06 Evgeni Golov, Matthias Dellweg
Host creation form redesign (workshop) Foreman 2024-02-07 Maria Svirikova
Foreman Beginner Workshop Foreman 2024-02-07 Dirk Götz (NETWAYS)
Pulp User Group Meetup Pulp 2024-02-07 Matthias Dellweg, Lubos Mjachky

We believe these talks will not only contribute to the knowledge-sharing atmosphere of the conferences but also highlight our team’s expertise in the respective areas. Additionally, we encourage everyone attending to explore other sessions and engage in networking opportunities.

If you have any specific topics you would like our team to explore or if you have any additional information to share, please feel free to reach out. Let’s make the most out of these conferences and represent our team with enthusiasm and professionalism.

Safe travels, and we look forward to a successful and insightful experience at FOSDEM, Config Management Camp, and CentOS Connect!