Thank you from the Satellite Team

Foreman Community:

Today we released version 6.1 of Red Hat Satellite. You can read about
the release at [1] and [2]. This release is based off of Foreman 1.7,
and several of the plugins which you contribute to (Bootdisk, Discover,
Hooks, SCAP, Docker, etc). We realize that the success of Satellite is
due in large part to your efforts in the community. Thank you for all
your contributions.

All bugs which we fix are fixed first upstream, and then brought into
the product. There are a couple of conversations we would like to have
on how best to bring some other assets upstream:

  1. QE tests: Our QE group has some integration tests which we would like
    to move into the upstream build process. If you have opinions on this,
    or would like to help, please join the discussion at [3].

  2. Translations: We have some translations which our internal team has
    done which we would like to contribute upstream. They do not work in
    transifex, so we have to do some weird stuff. Please join the discussion
    at [4]

Thank you again for all your work. I am looking forwards to a successful
1.10 release!

– bk

(sorry for cross posting)