The boot times in the host list are not showing correctly

Hello, the boot times in my host list usually do not show correctly. What could be the reason for this? I manually update the boot times by running the following code on my servers.

⁠subscription-manager facts --update - This command updates the boot time correctly.

I have to do it manually.

How can I do this automatically?

Is there any way to fix this error in foreman? What do I need to check?

If I remember correctly, you will want to install the katello-host-tools package from the foreman-client repository.
That should bring some tools that will upload facts and some other info to Katello on every yum/dnf action and I think on some other occasions as well.

Can you guide me exactly how to do this ? Do I need to do it on the server with Foreman installed or on my hosts connected to Foreman ? Thanks for your help.

This is not needed on EL8+, sub-man submits facts just fine on its own.

Is rhsmcertd enabled and running? That should take care of uploading things in the background regularly.

It seems that rhsmcertd is working properly on both hosts and foreman server.