The foreman-maintain 1.1.3 is now available on Debian!

I am happy to announce that the latest version of foreman-maintain is now supported on Debian and available in nightly repositories. Considering the Foreman release cadence, Debian based operating systems will be supported from the 3.4 release. Special thanks to @evgeni for reviews and help with Debian packaging, and I would also like to thank @ehelms and @ekohl for reviews and suggestions!

As the start we have included the support for,

  • Offline and online backups, snapshot backups are not yet supported.
  • The restores.
  • The Apt support has been added to support backup, restore and version comparison operations. If users like then foreman-maintain packages install/update/check-update are also usable.

Request to try it and in case if you spot any issue then raise it against the foreman-maintain project on Redmine.

If you wish to add any new features or contribute to the project then feel free to open the pull requests at foreman_maintain Github repository.