The Managing Hosts guide is live

Hello Foreman community,

The Managing Hosts guide is now live on the Foreman and Katello documentation page. In the Managing Hosts guide, you can find instructions on how to administrate hosts, use REX and Ansible Roles, write ERB templates and etc.
Feel free to submit feedback and contribute on our foreman-documentation GitHub repository.


Fantastic news, @spetrosi

Thank you so much for your efforts to make this happen!

One question @spetrosi - was there a decision to omit the table of contents for this guide? The other guides have the Foreman standard one.

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If only it was a decision… Asciidoc won’t show it because of a newline in master.adoc. This is a known issue and is being fixed in the #181 PR.


Great @spetrosi thanks again for all the hard work!

I merged the TOC fix, the bug in the replacement script probably lies in somewhere else. There are some rules to skip lines in some cases, maybe that’s matched.

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If you need further help, just show me how to reproduce the issue and I can take a quick look.

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