Theforeman puppet dhcp class

Hello everyone,

I’m new to foreman and currently I’m trying to setup foreman to manage two dhcp server (no cluster).
Foreman v1.16
The Plugin I’m using ist

I’ve added the classes to /etc/puppetclass/code/modules and via the Foreman UI I can import them.
Here is my problem the class is requesting a network interface where the dhcp server is listening and the only way I found out to solve this issue is to set a host based override and add the interface manually. Is this the correct way? I mean I found out, that I also can add there the static leases.
My next step would be to create a config group (dhcp-servers) and add the two dhcp servers to the group, then in the host menu I would set the overriding parameters like dns-servers, pool, static leases and so on…