There was an issue with the backend service pulp3

When adding a repository to a product in Foreman-Katello UI, I am met with the error

There was an issue with the backend service pulp3: Pulp redis connection issue at

journalctl pulpcore-api gives

[INFO] Listening at:
[INFO] using worker: sync
[INFO] booting worker with PID: 2312
pulp: Please provide either ‘view_name’ or 'vi - - “GET /pulp/api/v3/status HTTP:/1.1” 301 0"
pulp: Connection to Redis failed during status check

what’s the version of katello and foreman ?

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I have foreman 2.1.3 and Katello 3.16

you did upgrade or fresh installation ?

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Also run : foreman-maintain health check

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Please run below and share results.

#su - postgres

$psql pulpcore -c ‘SHOW SERVER_ENCODING’ -U postgres (make sure to check single quote if you copy paste this command)

It returns,

> Following services are not running: pulpcore-resource-manager, pulpcore-worker@*
continue with step [Restart applicable services]?, [y(yes), n(no), q(quit)]

continuing with yes results in
Server response check failed

This command returned
(1 row)

fresh installation or upgrade ? from which version to which version ?

Its a fresh install

sorry for late reply , I recommend fresh installation but set environment variable to utf8 before installation , email me if you need help .

Thanks for your reply.

Specifically how should i set the environment variable to utf8?

nano /etc/environment (you can use vi also ) add these two lines in that file.



nano /etc/environment


Also sethostname

hostnamectl set-hostname local.localdomain

yum -y localinstall
yum -y localinstall
yum -y localinstall
yum -y install epel-release centos-release-scl-rh

timedatectl list-timezones

timedatectl set-timezone America/New_York

yum -y update

yum -y install katello

foreman-installer --scenario katello

this is complete foreman installation, once completed you will see user / password
make sure your firewall is off or add rules.
also disable selinux if you are not using.

This should fix it. It’s being backported to Foreman 2.1.4 and the next 2.2 RC.