Things missing from The Foreman UI, how to fix?

I have noticed all of the sudden some things are missing from the UI.

  1. On the host detail page (https://foreman/hosts/> I can no
    longer preview the classes
  2. On the host edit page (https://foreman/hosts/ I can
    no longer assign classes
  3. On the host edit page (https://foreman/hosts/ the
    puppet master dropdown is missing, and sometimes the puppet CA dropdown is
    missing also.

There are two things I can think that might have caused this.

  1. I just updated from 1.11.1 to 1.12.1
  2. I vaguely recall disabling/changing something recently in order to hide
    the classes tab on the edit page.

We're not using foreman as an ENC (mostly not anyway) and I think I
remember using deface or something else to try to hide the classes from the
edit screen. The problem is I don't remember where that was?

Foreman 1.12.1
Ubuntu 14.04

Please help,