Thoughts about changes in the Freenode community

Hi everyone,

I would like to ask your opinions on the latest development with Freenode:

For a long time, Foreman community has maintained a presence on Freenode IRC and also bridged to Freenode using Matrix.

Personally, I find Matrix quite effective, but I know others do not like it.

@lzap pointed me to a similar conversation going on in the Ansible community: Move from Freenode to somewhere else? · Issue #19 · ansible-community/community-topics · GitHub I am sure that all of the communities you’re involved with, are buzzing with opinions and options right now.

I want to hear your opinions :smiley:


My first thought is that the current status is good enough for me, I use IRC and there is a bridge. So I don’t mind any action we take - staying on freenode, moving to a different IRC network or ditching IRC completely, perhaps my least favorite option.

I suggest to wait until things shape up. We will see a lot of IRC servers being migrated to the new network, freenode might be degraded to a unusable degree (huge lags). Or things can settle, maybe the new company will give up the domain. Also it will be interesting to see what other projects will do like Fedora or Ansible. I would not like to see FOSS projects to be spread across several IRC servers to be honest, that’s always a bummer to join on wrong networks. Let’s see.

One thing we can do - issue a recommendation to our community (perhaps via blogpost) what to do in case freenode IRC network collapses. I think we can suggest Matrix in this case as the meeting place, that should always work. And of course our Discourse and Blog for more details going forward.

Thanks for taking care!

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