Title or sentence case for terms in Foreman/Katello

Hello everyone,

Based on @jeremylenz’s commend on a recent doc’s PR we need to revise the capitalization of terms across the Foreman web UI and we need your help.

The documentation folks follow the IBM Style guide, and the IBM Style Guide states that we must follow the capitalization conventions for GUI elements as they are found in the actual Foreman web UI.

From what we understand, the capitalization convention has changed.
Can anyone help us with a full list of terms so we can ensure these are corrected in the docs.

@Lennonka has opened docs issue 1295 to capture this


Please link to community discussions/polls/threads on the UI decisions and state which Foreman/Katello version is affected.

For what it’s worth, we still have the old style capitalization on older pages such as Content Hosts. So you will see both styles depending on where you are in the UI.

For items used by both the old and new UI, this can be a problem. For example, the remote execution job template called “Resolve Traces” is fine in Monitor > Jobs which isn’t redesigned, but really should be “Resolve traces” on the Recent Jobs card or a toast in the new host details UI.