Trace status incorrect


When checking in the GUI for traces I’ll get a lot of hosts with process_restart_needed. However, when I check on the hosts there is nothing to do:

# needs-restarting -s
# needs-restarting -r
# needs-restarting
# tracer

all report nothing. Even after I run

# /sbin/katello-tracer-upload 

it still reports traces in the GUI. For instance, I have just updated openssh on my hosts. I have run /sbin/katello-tracer-upload on all. Still, the GUI shows I have to restart sshd. But I even checked with lsof | fgrep -e DEL -e deleted: there is nothing which indicate that sshd needs to be restarted. It has been already restarted during the update.

Only after I restart the service on a host and run katello-tracer-upload again, it shows ‘No applications to restart’.

Expected outcome:
No traces.

Foreman and Proxy versions:
Foreman 3.10 with Katello 4.12, latest updates on AlmaLinux 8.

I am really puzzled how katello determines the traces and which command I have to use to either see the traces on the host and update the traces to foreman. The way it is now it’s kind of useless if I have to restart everything one additional time.

Are you searching for hosts based on trace status? That’s broken in 4.12: Bug #37354: Trace_status = reboot_needed not working after upgrade to 4.12 - Katello - Foreman
It should be fixed in 4.13.0.

Individual traces should still show correctly.

Traces are uploaded to Katello (by default) after any dnf or yum package action, if katello-host-tools-tracer is installed. You will see this:

Installed products updated.
Uploading Tracer Profile

To force this upload, you can run


The traces you see in the web UI for the host should match what you see when you run



To confirm a tracer upload on the server, you can check in /var/log/foreman/production.log for

Started PUT "/rhsm/consumers/c6a16ade-ff65-4545-9e10-19955cf053a1/tracer"

(with your host’s consumer ID there).