Traces is restarting auditd with the wrong command

Noticed traces tries to restart auditd with the command “sudo systemctl restart auditd”

However auditd should be restarted with “sudo service auditd restart” according to:

Tested this on my EL 7/8/9 hosts and is correct. Can this be fixed?

To my knowledge, tracer is not part of Foreman/Katello, but simply an integrated piece of software.
I suggest you report that bug at their github. :slight_smile:

Aha, did now know that, have opened an issue in github.

A workaround command to run with REX until tracer is fixed:

tracer -a | grep -q auditd && service auditd restart
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So seems fix is now added to new release.

So I guess it is now just a waiting game for it to be added to the current release of you favorite EL distribution.

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