Transfer to new Foreman Server

I have two separate foreman servers and I want to decommission one. How do I move currently managed hosts from one foreman server to another. I will need to make sure that the servers are fully managed and not partial.

Expected outcome:
One foreman server managing all my hosts instead of two.

Foreman and Proxy versions:

Other relevant data:
I have looked at many potential solutions and none of them seem to work or I am too stupid to understand it :slight_smile: . I would really appreciate a strait forward easy way on how to do this. I am new to foreman and the person who was managing these environments quit and gave no notice.

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My first question would be: โ€œWhat versions do both use?โ€

If you use the same version and you simply want to change hosts from one server to another I would recommend using hammer-cli in a script

They are the same version 1.19.1. Do you know of a pre-made script I can modify?

Sadly I donโ€™t know a premade script. Iโ€™ve made the experience that hammer-cli is rather easy to script in Python.