Travis CI changing their pricing, effectively eliminating the free OSS tier


Travis CI is changing their pricing and it seems there is no fully free OSS tier anymore:

  • For those of you who have been building on public repositories (on, with no paid subscription), we will upgrade you to our trial (free) plan with a 10K credit allotment (which allows around 1000 minutes in a Linux environment).
  • When your credit allotment runs out - we’d love for you to consider which of our plans will meet your needs.
  • We will be offering an allotment of OSS minutes that will be reviewed and allocated on a case by case basis. Should you want to apply for these credits please open a request with Travis CI support stating that you’d like to be considered for the OSS allotment.

I can’t say this is totally unexpected, but given that we as an org will burn through the 1000 minutes quite quickly, we should consider moving our tests to GH Actions and our Jenkins respectively as soon as possible.

Sounds like we will have some time to resolve this but I would ask that developers from across the community do one of the following:

  1. Move to GH actions
  2. Reach out to us to move to our Jenkins
  3. Identify on this thread repositories that are still using Travis and need conversion so that other community members can help
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The website currently uses travis and should be migrated:

I took the liberty to hack that up: